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About Us

SL-PMOAP, INC. is a non-stock, non-profit organization comprised of pest control operators and affiliated industry, supplier, distributor and dealer. The said association was duly registered in the SEC office last June 11, 2010, and received a certificate of registration from BIR as VAT exempt.


The association will hold a general membership meeting on every other month, on which the venue, date and time will be announce through email, by phone or SMS. The association was founded with the highest code of ethics, which demanded safety both of the customers and the pest operators, and it shall be the duty of this association to train this industry in pest control chemical and the techniques in which they were used. These techniques are changing every day with newer developments and technology.


Pest control operators will get an accreditation from the federation once they are duly member of any of the association and upon the endorsement by the president of the association, this will ensure the legitimate of the operators, since there is no government agency to regulate the operators, this association and the federation will guard its industry and partner together for the self regulating body of the industry. The association upheld the highest standard, and these standards have been upheld through the years, with advancement in training, chemicals, equipment, and safety. 


Being a member of the association and accredited by the federation, the certificate will show that you are professional, equip and legitimate operator to conduct and perform services, and will add credential to your company and it was one of the additional requirements for the bidding purposes, business renewal in replacement to FPA certificate and other related legal purposes. Some other company required this certification aside from the registration of the chemical that you are using, and for information, all pesticide, insecticide is now under Food and Drugs (FAD) registration. The association will provide all requirements needed for your operations, like MSDS, CPR, Products study, analysis & info, through our Allied member.




SL-PMOAP Mission:

The Mission of this association is to safely protect the health and property of the commonwealth’s general public by promoting ethical and environmentally responsible business and pest management practices among our members through education, cooperation and professionalism. SL-PMOAP strives to achieve our mission by working together with the federation.

SL-PMOAP Objective:

  • To promote the interests and the general welfare of our entire member.
  • To guard and protect the industry through self-regulating body.
  • To conduct and promote scientific, technical and business research and application.
  • To promote a broader understanding and acceptance of the Pest control industry towards the betterment of the health, comfort, safety and convenience of the public and industries.
  • To encourage, establish and maintain high standards of safety competence, knowledge, and performance.
  • To encourage and established ethical methods of competition.
  • To cooperate with Local Government authorities for the good of the community and the Pest Control Industry
  • To cooperate with scientific and educational institutions in matters of interest of the Pest Control Industry.
  • To disseminate by all appropriate means, accurate knowledge and information with respect to the Pest Control Industry to the general public.
  • To promote a closer and friendlier relationship among those engaged in the industry.
  • To conduct community services.

SL-PMOAP Code of Ethics:

As a member of this Association, regular /allied or honorary, we believe it to be our Company’s responsibility:

  1. To uphold the standards of this Association in high esteem and strive to enhance its prestige.
  2. To maintain high company standards of moral responsibility, character and business integrity. To practice fairness, frankness and honest in all advertising and in all transaction with the general public.
  3. To keep the needs of our clients always uppermost.
  4. To know the accurate costs of all services performed and responsibilities assured in the prevention, control, elimination or management of pests and demonstrate a determination to recoup those costs and to profit from the effect.
  5. To render pest control services safely and efficiently in keeping with good practices and to observe them in both letter and spirit.
  6. To perfect our skills and business practices. To cooperate with others in the interchange of knowledge and ideals for mutual benefit.
  7. To respect the reputation and practice of other pest control operators but to expose to the Association without hesitation, illegal or unethical conduct of other companies.
  8. Members are encourage to refrain from unsolicited criticism of other Pest Control Operators (PCO) and if an opinion is sort about other PCO's, their business or businesses practices, the opinion should be offered in an objective professional manor.

Benefits of Membership

  • SL-PMOAP  is the voice of the industry.
  • SL-PMOAP provides public liability insurance products.
  • SL-PMOAP  provides legal support for its members.
  • SLPMOAP  provides technical support for its members.
  • SL-PMOAP provides arbitration services in disputes.
  • SL-PMOAP  helps set industry standards.
  • SL-PMOAP has close liaison with government.

Individuals and companies cannot achieve as much alone as they can by aligning with other companies in areas of mutual interest to achieve a common objective. Each small contribution adds up to a much bigger whole.

The wider our representation, the more we can do for YOU.

Why i need to be a sl-pmoap member?

  • Members commit themselves to ethical business practices.
  • Members are obliged to honors their warranties.
  • Members may not misrepresent themselves.
  • Members may not have a track record of poor service.
  • Members are actively helping uplift standards in the industry.
  • Members have access to the latest information and standards in the industry.
  • SL-PMOAP provides the best form of third party intervention in the resolution of disputes.

When you choose a SL-PMOAP member, you are contributing to the improvement of our industry, ultimately to the benefit of yourself/company and all consumers of our industry's services.